Chrome Books and Programming

Hey guys, so recently my school has started a little program to give all of the students in just my grade a laptop.  They decided that half of us would get Chrome Books, and the other half would get Macbooks or Macbook Pros.  I am guessing that they are doing this because they don’t have enough money to buy all of us macbooks, so they just bought Chrome Books, and then they gave the other group the macbooks that we already had.

Now, To what I am getting to, is… I got a Chrome Book. Now, while I am at school I want to be able to program, but since the Chrome OS is VERY closed, I am unable to really program much at all. Though I have been able to find some online IDEs, my favorite being Compilr. It has a good amount of functions and can do some basic stuff if I want to mess around with some coding but other than that, it is pretty minimal compared to what I am used to. Also, I can only program console c++, thanks to the computers not having java on them, which makes it so nice for using the internet. I find it funny that they claim this is a netbook for USING THE INTERNET yet it DOESN’T HAVE JAVA! Their logic makes no sense what so ever, but them again, it’s a $175-$200 netbook. I have been looking into installing Ubuntu or Linux Mint on them, because they are linux based machines and I am able to work the console but other than that, there is not much I can do other than go on the web.

All in all, it’s not the worst thing that can happen, except for the fact that if the they see in our history that we are going on websites a lot, they check to see what it is. If it turns up to be even remotely not school appropriate, it gets blocked. So far, they have blocked Reddit and DeviantART, plus a couple others. And of course, those were the two websites I went onto the most…

Well, I hope this post was not long, boring, and that I still have you reading. Talk you guys in the next post.


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