IOS 8 and my move to Mac

The title may be a bit misleading. I was recently convinced by my friend Ryan to move my main laptop OS to Mac. I am currently running a dual-boot/triple-boot. I used to run Ubuntu then messed up my system a bit, so I am now double booting with Xubuntu as my main and Kali Linux as my secondary which I am using as a side job of security testing. Though I used to love Mac computers, I began to stop using them due to the fact that there was a low amount of applications that I began to use that were not for Mac but instead for Windows. So I slowly began to transition to Windows. I’ve been using Windows Vista for the last 3 years and Windows 7 for the last year. I love Windows, there is so many things created for Windows and so much freedom that comes with it. But now, I am looking to up my computing power when it comes to being on the move with my laptop. I love Xubuntu and Kali, but if I were to move over to a Mac I would be able to create android, mac, and IOS applications. I would just have to move to my desktop when I want to make a windows app, and most of the time I am creating things in java, thus there is no need to do so. I would be able to create everything I needed on the go with my Mac. If I wanted to continue with my security work, I could run a virtual machine of Kali, much like I do on my current desktop. If I wanted to run Xubuntu, I could easily  run a virtual machine or dual boot, and the same goes for Windows. I would be able to do everything I wanted on the go. The only thing keeping me from doing so is the price. Mac computers (or at least the good ones) start at the lowest being $1,000 refurbished from Apple. I could probably get one refurbished or used from craigslist or something cheaper but still, I have pretty much no job/income as of right now. My current main computer costs about $1,325. In reality, I payed a little over $500 for everything because of deals/money off/friends giving me stuff for free. Even at $500 it took me about 1 year (technically 2-3) to get all the money to finally build it. To solve the issue of money, I am looking to get a job at Unibat or Sam Ash/Guitar Center/Some random music store. So, look forward to those updates and stories from working there.

On the topic of IOS 8. WWDC is going on right now, and with all of the new updates to IOS 8, there are many things that are making android and IOS very similar. With all the “hacking” going on with GoogolPlex, developing cool hackable stuff with IOS is getting a huge update and things are starting to become more like android. IOS 8 will finally allow 3rd party keyboards as well, which was one of my favorite features of android due to the fact that I loved the swype keyboard. So I am considering moving to IOS………just kidding I am probably never moving, but yeah it is getting good though. Mmk later.

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