My name is Jeremy Stark and I have been programming games and other things for 3-5 years now.  I have been working with computers my whole life.  I started programming with java and I learned from thenewboston, TheCodingUniverse, TheCherno, and Ulixava — who later grew to become a good friend of mine.  I Met Ulixava AKA Alex Haalanius when I started watching his videos and I was also running a podcast at the time, so I decided to interview him and his friend Oscar on the show about their new game “Instafight“, after doing this we started to become very good friends, and we even started a little company together called Raze Studios.  By the time I started helping out with Instafight, it was starting to slowly fall apart at the seams and the project flunked even after how popular it got.  I then later went off to learn actionscript 3.0 and made little games with the Flixel framework, with it I started making a game of my own, called “Stuck in 8-Bit”.   It was all based around the music and I needed killer music, so I found someone amazing.  His name was Matthew Heywood and he started making the music, the project is still being worked on and still not done, but it is getting there.  Around the same time, I was starting to interview more and more people on my little podcast that wasn’t even on iTunes, finally one day I heard about someone who was doing this project called Geek a Week. His name was Len Peralta and I interviewed him which helped make this podcast semi-known but not really.  I also enjoy participating in Ludum Dare.  It is a seasonal event that takes place around the world where game makers all have a challenge to make a game in just 2 days.  All the sounds, graphics, and what-not have to be made by one in those 2 days.  It’s really fun and it’s a great way to sharpen your skills, learn new things, and meet new people. You can check out more about it here.

During the time I was working with Alex at Raze Studios, I met tons of great people.  One of those people is Ryan Ballou, who I still work with today.  Me and him become very close friends and we learned a lot together.  I also met Jordan Connor, who was doing some graphics and was friends with Alex.  As of this post, about 5 months ago, I decided that I was finally going to learn Lua + Love2d so I started watching tutorials about it from Sockmunkee Dev by Gage Henderson, I then contacted him about his game and wanting to work with him, we talked a bit and we are now good friends.  Now, the most recent person that I have met was just 2 months ago, his name is Brice Anderson AKA TheOniza on YouTube.  He actually met my friends Jacob and Aaron first and I later met him.  I subscribed to his YouTube channel and because it is not that big, he sent a personal message to me saying thanks, he also mentioned that he say that I was going programming and he always wanted to know how to program and that it was his dream to work at Google.

Now, you are probably wondering why I am mentioning all these random people.  Well, they are now the people that make up the current development group that I started.  Jordan Connor and Matthew Heywood do graphics, and Matthew also does sound.  Ryan and I are the programmers and designers, and Brice helps out with our social image while he is learning programming from me and the wonderful internet so he can one day join Ryan and I in the ranks.  That group is called Crysix Studios, sadly as of the writing of this post, our website is acting cray cray so there is no link :(.

I also don’t just do computer stuff. I have been playing guitar for 7 years and Saxophone for 5.  I am the tenor player in a jazz quintet and I have been in numerous bands playing with tons of different very talented people ranging from a grammy nominee to a bunch of kids in a basement.

***UPDATE*** Crysix Studios is now mainly just me, Matthew still helps out with graphics and sound when I need it. I am now the lead programmer for the Orange robotics team – The Flying Circuits. I am also the main creator and developer for their website.

I am now primarily just faffing about learning C and just programming random shit for friends, for example I’m designing an arcade unit for a friend, and writing the games and software for it.


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