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Minim and Ludum Dare

So Ludum Dare was last weekend, or two weekends ago….I forgot. But I actually finished this year, sort of, but I used Unity3d this time. I’m not completely sure why I did it, but I did and it turned out

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Dungeon Crawler in The Making!

I recently have started putting together a simple little dungeon crawler game with the rest of Crysix Studios. I will start adding some of the guys’ art once I add nearest neighbor to the rending for tiles.  I just wanted

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No finish this year :(

Sadly, this year I could not finish my LD game, but I will be working on it after LD and releasing it for you guys to play.  It went generally ok, but  I think that if I knew what I

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No Prep :(

Sadly I was only able to make one prep game for LD25 due to the large amount of wrestling matches I had this week (yes, I wrestle).  I am largely looking forward to LD25 this weekend, its only a couple

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Ludum Dare Prep Game 1

So, I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t been able to work on games and LD prep.  Thought I did put together a little platformer, there is barely anything, but I wanted to at least show it.  I am NOT going

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Ludum Dare Prep!

So if you read the about page, you know that I try to participate in Ludum Dare ever year, and if you read the about page then you know what it is. SO, as a way to prep for this

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