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Chrome Books and Programming

Hey guys, so recently my school has started a little program to give all of the students in just my grade a laptop.  They decided that half of us would get Chrome Books, and the other half would get Macbooks

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Update on Games/Crysix/Me

Hello again, it’s been a while since I have last posted and A LOT has happened since then. To start it off, my dungeon crawler game has been moved to being creating with Unity3D, though I only occasionally work on it. I

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Help reach a friends goal!

Hey guys, my good friend Brice runs a youtube channel that has been starting to get VERY popular recently and he made a goal to reach 200+ subscribers by the end of 2012, do you think you guys could help

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No finish this year :(

Sadly, this year I could not finish my LD game, but I will be working on it after LD and releasing it for you guys to play.  It went generally ok, but  I think that if I knew what I

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Ludum Dare Prep!

So if you read the about page, you know that I try to participate in Ludum Dare ever year, and if you read the about page then you know what it is. SO, as a way to prep for this

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Rant on Web vs. Software

Ok, for a while at my school since I am really the “go-to guy” for computers, everyone always asks me for computer help, and the number one thing that I get asked about is, “The website isn’t loading/working!”, or something

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