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IOS 8 and my move to Mac

The title may be a bit misleading. I was recently convinced by my friend Ryan to move my main laptop OS to Mac. I am currently running a dual-boot/triple-boot. I used to run Ubuntu then messed up my system a bit, so

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Karan’s 100 Projects for Programming

I recently stumbled upon a head of projects to do when learning, mastering, or just looking for something to do with programming. The github user Karan posted this on his/her account with a list of 100 projects to do under different

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Learn to Make Games!

A while ago I wrote up an article on the best way to learn to make video games. It turned out pretty well and I thought I might as well share it. It covers where the best place to learn

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Help reach a friends goal!

Hey guys, my good friend Brice runs a youtube channel that has been starting to get VERY popular recently and he made a goal to reach 200+ subscribers by the end of 2012, do you think you guys could help

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No Prep :(

Sadly I was only able to make one prep game for LD25 due to the large amount of wrestling matches I had this week (yes, I wrestle).  I am largely looking forward to LD25 this weekend, its only a couple

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Rant on Web vs. Software

Ok, for a while at my school since I am really the “go-to guy” for computers, everyone always asks me for computer help, and the number one thing that I get asked about is, “The website isn’t loading/working!”, or something

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First Post

What you are reading here is just an introduction.  This blog is going to be dedicated to talking all about game programming and tech stuff.  I have been programming game for 3ish years now.  I started back with Java and

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