Help reach a friends goal!

Hey guys, my good friend Brice runs a youtube channel that has been starting to get VERY popular recently and he made a goal to reach 200+ subscribers by the end of 2012, do you think you guys could help out!

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No finish this year :(

Sadly, this year I could not finish my LD game, but I will be working on it after LD and releasing it for you guys to play.  It went generally ok, but  I think that if I knew what I was doing better when I went into it, I would have finished.  I had really only one thing that I didn’t know how to do with Lua + Love2d (I used that, not Unity3D), and it was making the enemies go away after I hit them with the bullet.  I have a strong feeling that it is VERY simple, I just don’t know how to do it, and I couldn’t find it anywhere online.  Also, the only person I know that uses Love2d and is really good with it was offline of skype the ENTIRE weekend, so I couldn’t really turn to anyone for some tips/help.  I think that was a good thing also though because I figured out how to animate without anything and then when I saw the way that every one was doing it, mine was better! But anyways, I did make a time lapse, and as you can see in it. I GOT REALLY DISTRACTED!  Ok, well, not that bad, but hey. What are you gonna do?  This year went great, I sadly though didn’t get to go to the LD meetup at the Shaker Launch House :(. Well, here’s the time lapse and under that a download to the game or at least what I got done.

Windows Download

Mac Download: Coming Soon!

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No Prep :(

Sadly I was only able to make one prep game for LD25 due to the large amount of wrestling matches I had this week (yes, I wrestle).  I am largely looking forward to LD25 this weekend, its only a couple days away, I just have to set up Unity3d on my laptop, so when I go to the IRL meetup I can actually work on something, I have downloaded it, it is just not installing which is getting annoying, if that doesn’t work I may have to resort to LWJGL or Flixel, which really isn’t that bad.  Not mattering what I do I think that it will be fine in the end, hopefully with the amount of skill I have this year, and how well I know the tools I am using, I think that I will actually be able to finish my game this year, all the other years, I was unable to finish them.  If you want to check out the games I have made for Ludum Dare in the past, I’ll link them at the end of this post, one though is not on the LD website because I never put it up since it was sooooo unfinished at my standards then.  Now, my tools of the trade this year:

Language: C# or Java

IDE:  Eclipse if Java, MonoDevelop if C#

Engine/Library: Unity3d if C#, LWJGL if Java

Graphics: Photoshop CS3

Sound: Sfxr

Music: Pxtone

As I just went to check all the posts that I have made to say that I am in for ludum dare, I noticed the change in stuff that I used, pretty cool. Well, as always, see ya’ next time!

Games from other years!

this one is rrreaaalllly bad, it was one of my very first “games”.

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Ludum Dare Prep Game 1

So, I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t been able to work on games and LD prep.  Thought I did put together a little platformer, there is barely anything, but I wanted to at least show it.  I am NOT going to be releasing it for you guys to play, but I’ll put up a screen shot.  I am mainly doing that just because it is soooo bad and unfinished.


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Ludum Dare Prep!

So if you read the about page, you know that I try to participate in Ludum Dare ever year, and if you read the about page then you know what it is. SO, as a way to prep for this year, I am going to be coping something done by another participant this year, where I make a game a day to get ready for LD25 and it will be a different genre each day.  Since, I started a bit late, I won’t be able to do a couple genres but that’s fine. Here is the line up for it:

– Shoot’em’up
– Platformer
– Racing game
– Dungeon Crawler
– Adventure game

I will start making the Shoot’em’up tomorrow and this year I will be using Unity3D even though not all the stuff will be 3D, I am just doing this to get used to using it since I am making a game with it, xD. Anyways, can’t wait to start LD25 and can’t wait to make the shoot’em’up!

Also I will be livestreaming the whole time this year at

I will also possibly be making a time lapse, just maybe.

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Rant on Web vs. Software

Ok, for a while at my school since I am really the “go-to guy” for computers, everyone always asks me for computer help, and the number one thing that I get asked about is, “The website isn’t loading/working!”, or something along those lines.  It stresses me like crazy that so many people don’t know the difference between web problems and computer problems.  I am a COMPUTER GUY, not a WEB GUY. I work with software side of things, and with languages based toward software, not web. I work with Java, C#, C++. I DO NOT work with javascript, actionscript(that much), html(that much), css(that much), mySQL, etc. I barely know any web-side things, so when people go to me and say, can you solve this COMPUTER problem and then go on to say something about the website not working, I want to either A)Punch them in the face or B)KILL THEM.  Well, thats all I wanted to say for now. 😀


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First Post

What you are reading here is just an introduction.  This blog is going to be dedicated to talking all about game programming and tech stuff.  I have been programming game for 3ish years now.  I started back with Java and now I work also with C#, C++, and Lua now. For more about me, check out the “About” page, I into more detail about my who game programming story of adventure.  Well, this was just a little intro page to let you know about the site, I will start having content quite frequently here, so look forward to it!

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